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B1086750SP Goodman/Amana Condenser Fan Blade 22" Inch 3-Blade 24 Degree for APG12240451A Rooftop Units


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Manufacturer: Goodman
Item #: 20162016
Price: $68.95
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What's Included:

  • One Goodman/Amana Condenser Fan Blade ( B1086750SP )

B1086750SP Condenser Fan Blade

This is a brand new Original Manufacturer Equipment (OEM) Goodman/Amana condenser fan blade, part# B1086750SP.

This part is used in, but not limited to the following models: ANX130421 ANX130421AA ANX130481 ANX130481AA ANX130601 ANX130601AA ANZ130481 ANZ130481AA ANZ130481AB APG10360701A APG10360701A APG10360901A APG10360901A APG10360903A APG10360903A APG10420701A APG10420701A APG10420901A APG10420901A APG12240451A APG12240451A APG12240701A APG12240701A APG12300701A APG12300701A APG12360701A APG12360701A APG12360901A APG12360901A APG12420701A APG12420701A APG12420901A APG12420901A APG13420701 APG13420701AA APG13420701A APG13420701A APG13420901 APG13420901AA APG13420901A APG13420901A C42-1B C42-1B C42-1C C42-1C C48-1AB C48-1AB C48-1AC C48-1AC C48-1B C48-1B C48-1C C48-1C C48-3B C48-3B C60-1AC C60-1AC C60-1B C60-1B C60-1C C60-1C C60-3B C60-3B CE072-5T CE072-5T CE090-3 CE090-3 CE090-3A CE090-3A CE090-3T CE090-3T CE090-4 CE090-4 CE090-4A CE090-4A CE090-4T CE090-4T CE24-1B CE24-1B CE30-1AB CE30-1AB CE30-1AC CE30-1AC CE30-1B CE30-1B CE30-1C CE30-1C CE36-1AB CE36-1AB CE36-1AC CE36-1AC CE36-1C CE36-1C CE42-1C CE42-1C CE48-1C CE48-1C CE60-1C CE60-1C CH42-1C CH42-1C CH48-1C CH48-1C CH48-1G CH48-1G CJ36-1C CJ36-1C CJ36-1GB CJ36-1GB CJ42-1HB CJ42-1HB CJ48-1GB CJ48-1GB CJ60-1FB CJ60-1FB CK49-1 CK49-1 CK49-3 CK49-3 CK60-1 CK60-1 CK60-1A CK60-3 CK60-3 CK60-4 CK60-4 CKF48-5L CKF48-5L CKF60-5L CKF60-5L CKF60-5LB CKF60-5LB CKH42-1C CKH42-1C CKH48-1C CKH48-1C CKH60-1B CKH60-1B CKJ30-1 CKJ30-1 CKJ30-1A CKJ30-1A CKJ30-1D CKJ30-1D CKJ36-1 CKJ36-1 CKJ36-1A CKJ36-1A CKJ36-1D CKJ36-1D CKJ42-1 CKJ42-1 CKJ42-1A CKJ42-1A CKJ42-1D CKJ42-1D CKJ42-1T CKJ42-1T CKJ48-1 CKJ48-1 CKJ48-1A CKJ48-1A CKJ48-1T CKJ48-1T CKJ60-1 CKJ60-1 CKL60-1 CKL60-1 CKL60-1L CKL60-1L CKL60-3 CKL60-3 CKL60-3L CKL60-3L CKL60-4 CKL60-4 CKL60-4L CKL60-4L CKQ24-1 CKQ24-1 CKQ30-1 CKQ30-1 CKQ30-1A CKQ30-1A CKQ36-1 CKQ36-1 CKQ36-1A CKQ36-1A CKT24-1 CKT24-1 CKT30-1 CKT30-1 CKT36-1 CKT36-1 CKT36-1A CKT36-1A CKT42-1 CKT42-1 CKT42-1A CKT42-1A CKT48-1 CKT48-1 CKT48-1A CKT48-1A CKTS30-1 CKTS30-1 CKTS36-1 CKTS36-1 CKTS48-1 CKTS48-1 CKTS60-1 CKTS60-1 CL090-3C CL090-3C CL090-4C CL090-4C CL120-3C CL120-3C CL120-4C CL120-4C CL48-1AB CL48-1AB CL48-1AC CL48-1AC CL48-1C CL48-1C CL48-3B CL48-3B CL60-1AB CL60-1AB CL60-1AC CL60-1AC CL60-1B CL60-1B CL60-1C CL60-1C CL60-3B CL60-3B CL60-3C CL60-3C CL60-4B CL60-4B CLJ30-1 CLJ30-1 CLJ36-1 CLJ36-1 CLJ48-1 CLJ48-1 CLJ60-1 CLJ60-1 CLJ60-1C CLJ60-1C CM47-1B CM47-1B CM47-1C CM47-1C CM48-1B CM48-1B CM48-1C CM48-1C CM60-1B CM60-1B CM60-1C CM60-1C CP42-1EB CP42-1EB CP48-1EB CP48-1EB CP60-1EB CP60-1EB CPE42-1FB CPE42-1FB CPH-60-1FB CPH-60-1FB CPH30-1FB CPH30-1FB CPH36-1FB CPH36-1FB CPH42-1GB CPH42-1GB CPH48-1FB CPH48-1FB CPJ30-1AB CPJ30-1AB CPJ36-1AB CPJ36-1AB CPJ42-1AB CPJ42-1AB CPJ48-1AB CPJ48-1AB CPJ60-1C CPJ60-1C CPKE36-1 CPKE36-1 CPKE36-1A CPKE36-1A CPKE42-1 CPKE42-1 CPKE48-1 CPKE48-1 CPKE48-3 CPKE48-3 CPKE60-1 CPKE60-1 CPKE60-1A CPKE60-1A CPKE60-3 CPKE60-3 CPKE60-3A CPKE60-3A CPKF60-5L CPKF60-5L CPKF60-5LA CPKF60-5LA CPKF60-5LB CPKF60-5LB CPKF61-5L CPKF61-5L CPKF61-5LA CPKF61-5LA CPKF61-5LB CPKF61-5LB CPKH30-1 CPKH30-1 CPKH36-1 CPKH36-1 CPKH42-1 CPKH42-1 CPKH48-1 CPKH48-1 CPKH60-1 CPKH60-1 CPKJ24-1 CPKJ24-1 CPKJ24-1A CPKJ24-1A CPKJ30-1 CPKJ30-1 CPKJ30-1A CPKJ30-1A CPKJ36-1 CPKJ36-1 CPKJ36-1A CPKJ36-1A CPKJ42-1 CPKJ42-1 CPKJ48-1 CPKJ48-1 CPKJ60-1 CPKJ60-1 CPKT24-1 CPKT24-1 CPKT30-1 CPKT30-1 CPKT30-1A CPKT30-1A CPKT36-1 CPKT36-1 CPKT42-1 CPKT42-1 CPLE36-1 CPLE36-1 CPLE42-1 CPLE42-1 CPLE48-1 CPLE48-1 CPLE48-3 CPLE48-3 CPLE60-1 CPLE60-1 CPLE60-1C CPLE60-1C CPLE60-3 CPLE60-3 CPLE60-3C CPLE60-3C CPLJ24-1 CPLJ24-1 CPLJ24-1A CPLJ24-1A CPLJ24-1B CPLJ24-1B CPLJ30-1 CPLJ30-1 CPLJ30-1A CPLJ30-1A CPLJ30-1B CPLJ30-1B CPLJ60-1 CPLJ60-1 CT24-1B CT24-1B CT30-1B CT30-1B CT36-1B CT36-1B CT42-1B CT42-1B CT48-1B CT48-1B CT60-1C CT60-1C CTS090-3B CTS090-3B CTS090-4B CTS090-4B CTS120-3B CTS120-3B CTS120-4B CTS120-4B CTS36-1 CTS36-1 CTS48-1 CTS48-1 CTS48-3 CTS48-3 CTS60-1 CTS60-1 CTS60-3 CTS60-3 CU30-1AB CU30-1AB CU30-1AC CU30-1AC CU30-1B CU30-1B CU36-1AC CU36-1AC CU36-1B CU36-1B CU42-1B CU42-1B CU42-1C CU42-1C CU48-1AC CU48-1AC CU48-1B CU48-1B CU60-1B CU60-1B CU60-1C CU60-1C DX13SA0483 DX13SA0483AA DX13SA0483AB DX13SA0483AC DX13SN0421 DX13SN0421AA DX13SN0421AB DX13SN0481 DX13SN0481AA DX13SN0481AB DX13SN0601 DX13SN0601AA DX13SN0601AB DZ13SA0483 DZ13SA0483AA DZ13SA0483AB DZ13SN0481 DZ13SN0481AA DZ13SN0481AB GPG10360701A GPG10360701A GPG10360901A GPG10360901A GPG10360903A GPG10360903A GPG10420701A GPG10420701A GPG10420901A GPG10420901A GPG12240451A GPG12240451A GPG12240701A GPG12240701A GPG12300701A GPG12300701A GPG12360701A GPG12360701A GPG12360901A GPG12360901A GPG12420701A GPG12420701A GPG12420901A GPG12420901A GPG13360903 GPG13360903AA GPG13360904 GPG13360904AA GPG13420701 GPG13420701AA GPG13420901 GPG13420901AA GSC130363 GSC130363BC GSC130363BD GSC130363BE GSC130601 GSC130601CA GSC130601CB GSC130601DA GSC130601DB GSC130601DC GSC130603 GSC130603BA GSC130603BB GSC130603CA GSC130603CB GSC130603CC GSH130361 GSH130361CC GSH130361CD GSH130361CE GSH130363 GSH130363AF GSH130363AG GSH130363AH GSH130481 GSH130481AF GSH130481BA GSH130481BB GSH130481BC GSX130421 GSX130421BB GSX130421BC GSX130421BD GSX130481 GSX130481BB GSX130481BC GSX130481BD GSX130483 GSX130483AB GSX130483AC GSX130483AD GSX130485 GSX130485AA GSX130485AB GSX130601 GSX130601BA GSX130601BB GSX130601BC GSX130603 GSX130603AA GSZ130481 GSZ130481AE GSZ130481AF GSZ130481AG GSZ130483 GSZ130483AC GSZ130483AD GSZ130483AE GSZ130485 GSZ130485AA ME48-1AC ME48-1AC ME60-1B ME60-1B MK49-1 MK49-1 MK49-3 MK49-3 MLE60-1B MLE60-1B MP42-1B MP42-1B MP48-1B MP48-1B MPE42-1 MPE42-1 PC042-1 PC042-1A PC042-1A PC042-1A PC042-3 PC042-3A PC042-3A PC042-3A PC048-1 PC048-1 PC048-3 PC048-3 PC048-4 PC048-4 PCJ036-1A PCJ036-1A PCJ042-1 PCJ042-1 PCJ048-1 PCJ048-1 PCJ060-1 PCJ060-1 PCK042-1 PCK042-1 PCK042-1A PCK042-1A PCK042-1C PCK042-1C PCK042-1F PCK042-1F PCK042-3 PCK042-3 PCK048-1 PCK048-1 PCK048-1A PCK048-1A PCK048-1C PCK048-1C PCK048-1F PCK048-1F PCK048-3 PCK048-3 PCK048-3A PCK048-3A PCK048-3C PCK048-3C PCK048-3F PCK048-3F PCKJ036-1 PCKJ036-1 PCKJ036-1A PCKJ036-1A PCKJ036-1A PCKJ036-1E PCKJ036-1E PCKJ036-1F PCKJ036-1F PCKJ036-1G PCKJ036-1G PCKJ042-1 PCKJ042-1 PCKJ042-1A PCKJ042-1A PCKJ042-1D PCKJ042-1D PHKJ042-1D PHKJ042-1D PCKJ042-1E PCKJ042-1E PCKJ042-1F PCKJ042-1F PCKJ048-1 PCKJ048-1 PHKJ048-1 PHKJ048-1 PCKJ048-1E PCKJ048-1E PCKJ048-1F PCKJ048-1F PG036075-1 PG036075-1 PG036075-3 PG036075-3 PG036100-1 PG036100-1 PG036100-3 PG036100-3 PG036100-4 PG036100-4 PG042100-1 PG042100-1 PG042100-1A PG042100-1A PG042100-3 PG042100-3 PG042125-1 PG042125-1 PG042125-1A PG042125-1A PG042125-3 PG042125-3 PG042125-4 PG042125-4 PG048100-3B PG048100-3B PG048125-1 PG048125-1 PG048125-1B PG048125-1B PG048125-3 PG048125-3 PG048125-4 PG048125-4 PG048150-1 PG048150-1 PG048150-1B PG048150-1B PG048150-3 PG048150-3 PG048150-3B PG048150-3B PG048150-4 PG048150-4 PG048150-4B PG048150-4B PG060100-3A PG060100-3A PG060125-1 PG060125-1 PG060125-1A PG060125-1A PG060125-3 PG060125-3 PG060125-3A PG060125-3A PG060150-1 PG060150-1 PG060150-1A PG060150-1A PG060150-3 PG060150-3 PG060150-3A PG060150-3A PG060150-4 PG060150-4 PG060150-4A PG060150-4A PGB042125-1 PGB042125-1 PGB042125-1B PGB042125-1B PGH048100-1 PGH048100-1 PGJ036075-1A PGJ036075-1A PGJ036075-1B PGJ036075-1B PGJ036100-1 PGJ036100-1 PGJ036100-1A PGJ036100-1A PGJ036100-1B PGJ036100-1B PGJ042075-1A PGJ042075-1A PGJ042075-1B PGJ042075-1B PGJ042100-1A PGJ042100-1A PGJ042100-1B PGJ042100-1B PGX036050-1 PGX036050-1 PGX036050-3 PGX036050-3 PGX036075-1 PGX036075-1 PGX042075-1 PGX042075-1 PGX042075-1A PGX042075-1A PGX048075-1 PGX048075-1 PGX048075-1B PGX048075-1B PGX048075-3 PGX048075-3 PGX048075-3B PGX048075-3B PGX048075-4B PGX048075-4B PGX060100-1 PGX060100-1 PGX060100-1A PGX060100-1A PGX060100-3 PGX060100-3 PGX060100-3A PGX060100-3A PH036-1D PH036-1D PH036-3A PH036-3A PH042-1 PH042-1 PH048-1A PH048-1A PH048-3A PH048-3A PHB042-1 PHB042-1 PHJ024-1 PHJ024-1 PHJ030-1 PHJ030-1 PHJ030-1A PHJ030-1A PHJ036-1 PHJ036-1 PHJ036-1A PHJ036-1A PHJ036-1D PHJ036-1D PHJ060-1 PHJ060-1 PHK036-1 PHK036-1 PHK036-1A PHK036-1A PHK036-1B PHK036-1B PHK036-1F PHK036-1F PHK036-3 PHK036-3 PHK036-3A PHK036-3A PHK036-3B PHK036-3B PHK036-3F PHK036-3F PHK042-1 PHK042-1 PHK042-1A PHK042-1A PHK042-1B PHK042-1B PHK042-1F PHK042-1F PHKJ024-1A PHKJ024-1A PHKJ024-1A PHKJ024-1B PHKJ024-1B PHKJ024-1C PHKJ024-1C PHKJ024-1F PHKJ024-1F PHKJ030-1 PHKJ030-1 PHKJ030-1 PHKJ030-1A PHKJ030-1A PHKJ030-1C PHKJ030-1C PHKJ030-1F PHKJ030-1F PHKJ036-1A PHKJ036-1A PHKJ036-1A PHKJ036-1C PHKJ036-1C PHKJ036-1F PHKJ036-1F PHKJ042-1 PHKJ042-1 PHKJ042-1C PHKJ042-1C PHKJ042-1F PHKJ042-1F RCC42C2B P1247909C RCC48C2B P1247910C VCA48C2A P1246103C VCA60C2A P1246104C VCC30C2A P1246209C VCC30C2C P1246220C VCC42C2A P1246211C VCC48C2A P1246212C VHA36C2A P1246401C VHA36C2B P1246405C VHA42C2A P1246402C VHA42C2B P1246406C VHA48C2A P1246403C VHA48C2B P1246407C VHA60C2A P1246404C VHC18C2A P1247401C VHC24C2A P1247402C VHC24C2B P1247412C VHC30C2A P1247403C VHC30C2B P1247408C VHC36C2A P1247404C VHC36C2B P1247415C VHC42C2A P1247405C VHC42C2B P1247414C VHC48C2A P1247406C VSX130421 VSX130421AB VSX130421AC VSX130421AD VSX130421BA VSX130481 VSX130481AB VSX130481AC VSX130481AD VSX130481BA VSX130601 VSX130601BA VSX130601BB VSX130601BC VSZ130481 VSZ130481AD VSZ130481AE VSZ130481AF WAC4360A WAC4360ABA XH10361C P1256101C XH10421C P1256102C XH10481C P1256103C XH10601C P1256104C VCA48C2B P1254401C VCA48C2C P1254402C VCA60C2C P1254403C VCC30C2B P1246219C VCC36C2A P1246210C VCC36C2C P1246221C VCC42C2B P1246217C VCC42C2C P1246222C VCC48C2B P1246218C VCC48C2C P1246223C VCC60C2C P1246226C VHA36C2C P1246408C VHA42C2C P1246409C VHA48C2C P1246410C VHA60C2C P1246411C VHC24C2C P1247416C VHC30C2C P1247417C VHC36C2C P1247418C VHC42C2C P1247419C VHC48C2C P1247420C

Replaces the following part #'s: B1086750SP, B1086750S, B1086750, 10625731S, 10625731


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