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B1086775SP Goodman/Amana/Janitrol Condenser Fan Blade 21.5" 3 Blade 25 Degree 1/2" Bore CCW


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Manufacturer: Goodman
Item #: 20161379
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP): $118.02
Our Price: $78.68
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What's Included:

  • One Goodman/Amana/Janitrol Condenser Fan Blade ( B1086775SP )

B1086775SP Goodman Fan Blade

This is a brand new Original Manufacturer Equipment (OEM) Goodman/Amana/Janitrol condenser fan blade, part# B1086775SP.

Replaces the following part #'s: B1086775SP, B1086775S, B1086775, B1086770S, B1086770

This part is used in, but not limited to the following models: APG133004, APG1330045M41BA, APG13300451, APG13300451AA, APG13300451AB, APG13300451A, APG13300451A, APG1330045M41, APG1330045M41AA, APG1330045M41AB, APG1330045M41AC, APG1330045M41AD, APG1330045M41BA, APG1330045M41CA, APG133007 APG1330070M41BA, APG13300701, APG13300701AA, APG13300701AB APG13300701A, APG13300701A, APG1330070M41, APG1330070M41AA APG1330070M41AB, APG1330070M41AC, APG1330070M41AD, APG1330070M41BA, APG1330070M41CA, ASH130181A, ASH130181A, ASH130301A, ASH130301A, CKF48-5, CKF48-5M, CKF48-5N, CKF60-5, CKF60-5M, CKF60-5N, CKL49-1, CKL49-1M, CKL49-1N, CKL49-1PB, CKL49-1L, CKL49-1L, CKL49-3, CKL49-3M, CKL49-3N, CKL49-3L, CKL49-3L, CKL60-1, CKL60-1M, CKL60-1N, CKL60-1PB, CKL60-3, CKL60-3M, CKL60-3N, CKL60-3PB, DP13GM3004541, DP13GM3004541AA, DP13GM3007041, DP13GM3007041AA, GPC1324H21, GPC1324H21AA, GPC1324H21AB, GPC1324H21AC, GPC1324H21AD, GPC1324H21A, GPC1324H21A, GPC1324H41, GPC1324H41AA, GPC1330H21, GPC1330H21AA, GPC1330H21AB, GPC1330H21A, GPC1330H21A, GPC1336H21, GPC1336H21AA, GPC1336H21AB, GPC1336H21A, GPC1336H21A, GPC1342H21, GPC1342H21AA, GPC1342H21AB, GPC1342H21A, GPC1342H21A, GPC1424H41, GPC1424H41AA, GPG133004, GPG1330045M41BA, GPG13300451, GPG13300451AA, GPG13300451AB, GPG1330045M41, GPG1330045M41AA, GPG1330045M41AB, GPG1330045M41AC, GPG1330045M41AD, GPG1330045M41BA, GPG1330045M41CA, GPG133007, GPG1330070M41BA, GPG13300701, GPG13300701AA, GPG13300701AB, GPG1330070M41, GPG1330070M41AA, GPG1330070M41AB, GPG1330070M41AC, GPG1330070M41AD, GPG1330070M41BA, GPG1330070M41CA, GPH1324H21, GPH1324H21AA, GPH1324H21AB, GPH1324H21AC, GPH1324H21AD, GPH1324H21A, GPH1324H21A, GPH1324H41, GPH1324H41AA, GPH1330H21, GPH1330H21AA, GPH1330H21AB, GPH1330H21AC, GPH1330H21AD, GPH1330H21A, GPH1330H21A, GPH1330H41, GPH1330H41AA, GPH1336H21, GPH1336H21AA, GPH1336H21A, GPH1336H21A, GPH1342H21A, GPH1342H21A, GPH1424H41, GPH1424H41AA, GPH1430H41, GPH1430H41AA, GSC130421, GSC130421AA, GSC130421AB, GSC130421AC, GSC130421BA, GSC130421BB, GSC130421CA, GSC130421CB, GSC130421CC, GSC130421A, GSC130421A, GSC130481, GSC130481AB, GSC130481BA, GSC130481BB, GSC130481CA, GSC130481CB, GSC130481CC, GSC130483, GSC130483AB, GSC130483BA, GSC130483BB, GSC130483CA, GSC130483CB, GSC130483CC, GSH130191, GSH130191AA, GSH130191AB, GSH130241, GSH130241AA, GSH130241AB, GSH130251, GSH130251AA, GSH130251AB, GSH130251AD, GSH130301, GSH130301AA, GSH130301AB, GSH130311, GSH130311AA, GSH130311AB, GSH130311AD, GSH130481, GSH130481AB, GSH130483, GSH130483AB, VSC130421, VSC130421AA, VSH130191, VSH130191AA, VSH130251, VSH130251AA, VSH130311, VSH130311AA, WGGE4330A045M, WGGE4330A045MAB, WGGE4330A070M, WGGE4330A070MAB, WPC4324AH, WPC4324AHAA, WPC4424AH, WPC4424AHAA, WPH4324AH, WPH4324AHAA, WPH4330AH, WPH4330AHAA, WPH4424AH, WPH4424AHAA, WPH4430AH, WPH4430AHAA, CKF48-5LB, CKF48-5LB, CKL49-1, CKL49-1, CKL49-1A, CKL49-1A, CKL49-3, CKL49-3, CKL49-3A, CKL49-3A, CLJ30-1A, CLJ30-1A, CLJ30-1C, CLJ30-1C, CLJ36-1A, CLJ36-1A, CLJ42-1A, CLJ42-1A, CLJ48-1A, CLJ48-1A, CLJ48-1C, CLJ48-1C, CPKF42-5L, CPKF42-5L, CPKF42-5LA, CPKF42-5LA, CPKF42-5LB, CPKF42-5LB, CPKF48-2L, CPKF48-2L, CPKF48-2LA, CPKF48-2LA, CPKF48-2LB, CPKF48-2LB, CPKF48-5L, CPKF48-5L, CPKF48-5LA, CPKF48-5LA, CPKF48-5LB, CPKF48-5LB, CPLE36-1A, CPLE36-1A, CPLE36-1C, CPLE36-1C, CPLE42-1C, CPLE42-1C, CPLE48-1C, CPLE48-1C, CPLE48-3C, CPLE48-3C, CPLJ36-1, CPLJ36-1, CPLJ36-1A, CPLJ36-1A, CPLJ36-1B, CPLJ36-1B, CPLJ42-1, CPLJ42-1, CPLJ42-1A, CPLJ42-1A, CPLJ42-1B, CPLJ42-1B, CPLJ48-1, CPLJ48-1, CPLJ48-1A, CPLJ48-1A, CPLJ48-1B, CPLJ48-1B


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