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What is a Gas Furnace?

A gas furnace is a forced home air heating system, typically used in the colder states; also known as a home furnace. A gas furnace converts gas to heat and is used to keep the circulation of indoor air, warm and comfortable for living conditions.

What makes up a Gas Furnace?

Before understanding how a gas furnace works, lets take some time to know the parts that make up a furnace. A gas furnace is divided into three parts:

  1. Burner, heat exchanger, vent and draft inducer
  2. Safety devices and controls
  3. Blower and air movement

How does a Gas Furnace work?

A gas furnace reacts to a drop in indoor air temperature. When the air temperature drops below the programmed setting on a thermostat. The heart of a gas furnace is the burner, controlled by a thermostat. When the indoor air temperature falls below a certain point, the thermostat alerts the gas furnace; the furnace then combines air and fuel and the mixture gets ignited by an electronic igniter. Then the combusted, hot gas, begins to rise through the heat exchanger situated above the burner and heats the air, which is circulated throughout the house. And, the remaining exhaust exits the gas furnace from a vent, which is let outside the house.

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