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Split System

What is a split system?

Split Systems are usually composed of two parts: an outdoor unit, called the "condensing unit" and an indoor unit referred to as the "air handler" or "gas furnace". These two components make up a complete split system. If a gas furnace is to be used, you will most likely need a matching evaporator cooling coil to complete your system match-up configuration.


Choosing the Right HVAC System

Heat Pump Systems

Heat pump systems are normally used in areas where gas heat isn't an option. These systems are energy-efficient and are an ideal choice for warm-winter climates in the southern USA where temperatures rarely fall below 25 degrees.

Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning systems are often used in southern climates where heating is not required. If winter heating is needed, an optional electric heater coil can be installed to add some heating capability.

Gas/Electric Systems

Gas/Electric Systems are commonly used to handle a wide-range of temperatures and climate conditions from hot summers to harsh frozen winters. Gas heating systems cover all climates.

Hybrid Gas/Electric Systems

Hybrid Gas/Electric Systems combine two different energy sources, which provide flexibility, reduce your energy consumption and help you save more money on your utility costs. Hybrid gas heating systems, cover all types of climates.

Did you know?

SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating is the measure of cooling energy efficiency of your air conditioner or heat pump. The higher the SEER, the more money you save on your monthly electric bills. Keep in mind, you will save approximately 6% - 8% more with each SEER you increase.

Ton is a unit of measure for cooling capacity. The higher the ton, the more cooling capacity. One ton is equal to = 12,000 btu's per hour.

BTU or British Thermal Unit is used for both heating and cooling. In heating, BTU's are a measure of the heat given off when fuel is combusted. In cooling, it is the measure of heat extracted from your home. One BTU is approximately equal to the heat given off by a wooden kitchen match.

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