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0130F00070 Goodman/Amana Pressure Switch -0.1" Inch WC for ACVM960604CXBA and ACVM960805DXAA Gas Furnace


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Manufacturer: Goodman
Item #: 20161941
Price: $42.95
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What's Included:

  • One Goodman/Amana Pressure Switch ( 0130F00070 )

0130F00070 Pressure Switch

Goodman pressure switch for ACVM960604CXBA, ACVM960805DXAA gas furnaces.

Used on the following models: ACSH960453BX, ACSH960453BXAA, ACSH960703BX, ACSH960703BXAA, ACSH960704CX, ACSH960704CXAA, ACSH960904CX, ACSH960904CXAA, ACSH960905DX, ACSH960905DXAA, ACSH961155DX, ACSH961155DXAA, ACVC950714CX, ACVC950714CXAA, ACVC950714CXAB, ACVC950714CXAC, ACVC950714CXAD, ACVC950714CXBA, ACVC950915DX, ACVC950915DXAA, ACVC950915DXAB, ACVC950915DXAC, ACVC950915DXAD, ACVC950915DXBA, ACVM960604CX, ACVM960604CXAA, ACVM960604CXBA, ACVM960805DX, ACVM960805DXAA, ACVM960805DXBA, ACVM961005DX, ACVM961005DXAA, DC96HS0453BX, DC96HS0453BXAA, DC96HS0703BX, DC96HS0703BXAA, DC96HS0704CX, DC96HS0704CXAA, DC96HS0904CX, DC96HS0904CXAA, DC96HS0905DX, DC96HS0905DXAA, DC96MC0604CX, DC96MC0604CXAA, DC96MC0805DX, DC96MC0805DXAA, DC96MC1005DX, DC96MC1005DXAA, DC96VC0714CX, DC96VC0714CXAA, DC96VC0915DX, DC96VC0915DXAA, GCH950453BX, GCH950453BXAA, GCH950453BXAB, GCH950453BXAD, GCH950703BX, GCH950703BXAA, GCH950703BXAB, GCH950703BXAD, GCH950704CX, GCH950704CXAA, GCH950704CXAB, GCH950704CXAD, GCH950904CX, GCH950904CXAA, GCH950904CXAB, GCH950904CXAC, GCH950904CXAE, GCH950905DX, GCH950905DXAA, GCH950905DXAB, GCH950905DXAD, GCVC950714CX, GCVC950714CXAA, GCVC950714CXAB, GCVC950714CXAC, GCVC950714CXAD, GCVC950714CXBA, GCVC950915DX, GCVC950915DXAA, GCVC950915DXAC, GCVC950915DXAD, GCVC950915DXBA, GCVM960604CX, GCVM960604CXAA, GCVM960604CXBA, GCVM960805DX, GCVM960805DXAA, GCVM960805DXBA, GCVM961005DX, GCVM961005DXAA, GCVM961005DXBA, WFD195045S3B, WFD195045S3BAA, WFD195045S3BAB, WFD195070S3B, WFD195070S3BAA, WFD195070S3BAB, WFD195070S4C, WFD195070S4CAA, WFD195070S4CAB, WFD195090S4C, WFD195090S4CAA, WFD195090S4CAB, WFD195090S5D, WFD195090S5DAA, WFD195090S5DAB, WGFD295070V4C, WGFD295070V4CAA, WGFD295090V5D, WGFD295090V5DA


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