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B1370158 Goodman/Amana Air Pressure Switch -0.70" Inch WC for GMS80905CNA and GMS80905CXA Gas Furnaces


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Manufacturer: Goodman
Item #: 20162029
Price: $52.36
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What's Included:

  • One Goodman/Amana Pressure Switch ( B1370158 )

B1370158 Pressure Switch

This is a brand new Original Manufacturer Equipment (OEM) Goodman/Amana pressure switch, part# B1370158.

This part is used in, but not limited to the following models: AMH80453AX AMH80453AXCA AMH80453AXCB AMH80453AXCC AMH80703AX AMH80703AXCA AMH80703AXCB AMH80703AXCC AMH80905CN AMH80905CNAA AMH81155CN AMH81155CNAA AMH81155CNAB AMH81155CNAC AMH81155CX AMH81155CXAA AMS80905CN AMS80905CNAA AMS80905CNA AMS80905CX AMS80905CXAA AMS80905CXA AMS81155CN AMS81155CNAA AMS81155CNA AMS81155CX AMS81155CXAA AMS81155CXA DHS80905CXA DMS80905CNA DMS81155CNA GDH80703AX GDH80703AXCA GDH80703AXCB GDH81155CX GDH81155CXAB GDH81155CXAC GDH81155CXCA GDH81155CXCB GDS80703AX GDS80703AXCA GDS80703AXCB GDS81155CX GDS81155CXBB GDS81155CXBC GDS81155CXCA GDS81155CXCB GHS80704BX GHS80704BXCA GHS80704BXCB GHS80905CN GHS80905CNAA GHS80905CX GHS80905CXAA GHS80905CXBA GHS80905CXCA GHS80905CXCB GME80905CX GME80905CXAA GME80905CXAB GME80905CXAC GME81155CX GME81155CXAA GME81155CXAB GME81155CXAC GMH80453AN GMH80453ANCA GMH80453ANCB GMH80453ANCC GMH80453AX GMH80453AXCA GMH80453AXCB GMH80453AXCC GMH80703AN GMH80703ANCA GMH80703ANCB GMH80703ANCC GMH80703AX GMH80703AXCA GMH80703AXCB GMH80703AXCC GMH80905CN GMH80905CNAA GMH80905CX GMH80905CXAA GMH81155CN GMH81155CNAA GMH81155CNAB GMH81155CNAC GMH81155CX GMH81155CXAA GMH81155CXAB GMH81155CXAC GMP100-42 GMP100-42DA GMP100-42EA GMP125-52 GMP125-52EA GMP150-52 GMP150-52EA GMS80453AN GMS80453ANCA GMS80453ANCB GMS80453ANCC GMS80453AX GMS80453AXCA GMS80453AXCB GMS80453AXCC GMS80703AN GMS80703ANCA GMS80703ANCB GMS80703ANCC GMS80703AX GMS80703AXCA GMS80703AXCB GMS80703AXCC GMS80905CN GMS80905CNAA GMS80905CNBA GMS80905CNBB GMS80905CX GMS80905CXAA GMS80905CXBA GMS80905CXBB GMS80905CXA GMS81155CN GMS81155CNAA GMS81155CNBA GMS81155CNBB GMS81155CNBC GMS81155CNBD GMS81155CNA GMS81155CX GMS81155CXAA GMS81155CXBA GMS81155CXBB GMS81155CXBC GMS81155CXBD GMS81155CXA GMS81405DNA GMT090-5A GMT090-5B GMNT090-5B* GMT090-5B* GMT115-5A GMT115-5B GMNT115-5B* GMT115-5B* GMTH090-5 GMTH090-5A GMTH090-5B GMTH090-5B* GSM060-3 GSU060-3 WFD18070S3AX WFD18070S3AXCB WFD18070S3AXCC WFD18115S5CX WFD18115S5CXCB WFD18115S5CXCC WFM18045S3AX WFM18045S3AXCB WFM18045S3AXCC WFM18070S3AX WFM18070S3AXCB WFM18070S3AXCC

Replaces the following part #'s: B1370158


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