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Air Oasis BP2400-110-220 Bi-Polar 2400 Filterless Cold Plasma Air Purifier

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SKU BP-2400-110-220

This is a brand new Air Oasis BP2400-110-220 filterless cold plasma air purifier 110-220V.

The Air Oasis Bi-Polar 2400 creates cold plasma discharge which consists of positive & negative ions from water vapor in the air. Positive & negative ions attach to particles & allergens such as dust, smoke, pollen & dander. Particles cluster together to create larger particles. Larger heavy particles drop out of the air and are easily trapped in filters. When the ions land on the outer shell of a mold, bacteria, or virus, the hydrogen is removed, the DNA is damaged and the pathogen cannot reproduce.Positive and negative ions attack odors and harmful VOCs on a molecular level converting them into harmless atmospheric gases, such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor. The balance of positive and negative ions neutralize static electricity. Each and every unit passes through our strict quality management system, where they are thoroughly inspected. This process ensures every customer receives the most reliable air purification products available. Made in the USA