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Mitsubishi MAC-408FT-E Anti Allergy Enzyme Filter for MSZ/YGE06/09/12/15/18 Units

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This is a brand new Mitsubishi MAC-408FT-E Anti Allergy Enzyme Filter For MSZ/YGE06/09/12/15/18 Units.

The blue anti-allergy enzyme filter attaches to the unit's plastic framed pre-filter. Once installed it begins capturing all the airborne bacteria, viruses, germs, dust, and pollen. The enzyme inside the filter will break the bonds in allergen proteins so you can breathe easier.

This filter pack contains replacement anti-allergy enzyme filters for use with Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Split Systems: MSZ/Y-GE06/09/12/15/18.

It's highly recommended that you change the filter once every four months or as needed if sooner. Instructions on how to change your pre-filter come included with the filter packaging.